Queen Cordella I, a human woman and the first of her name, has presided over Tyneham for the past five years. She is the only daughter and child of Queen Amelia and King Roderick. She is currently unwed, but is being pressured by her advisers to choose a suitor soon.

Queen Cordella I has publicly stated on numerous occasions she only wants what is best for the city. Her actions have done little to reflect this, but the people believe her heart is in the right place. Most assume she has little ability to make change as a result of the imposed wills of the Borgia Family and the Medici Brothers Gang.

It's a closely guarded secret that Queen Cordella I is actually the adopted daughter of the former queen and king. The queen was discovered barren, but before Roderick could divorce and remarry Cordella was found in the castle as a newborn, abandoned by an unknown party. they decided to take Cordella for their own to avoid scandal.