Q: You currently reside in the metropolis of Tyneham. Have you always lived there, or did you move there? If you moved, how long ago was it?

Q: You must have at least one or two, if not more, people who are close to you within the city. Are they friends, relatives, lovers? Who are they?

Q: How comfortably do you live in Tyneham? Concisely explain how or why.

Q: Queen Cordella I seems a benevolent but powerless ruler. Do you approve of her?

Q: From bad to worse,  rate the below

about living in Tyneham:

  1. The royal family has very little influence over the city.
  2.  Constantly looking over your shoulder to avoid becoming a victim of crime.
  3. The fact it's been significantly colder this time this year than ever before.
  4. How focused everyone is on money regardless of how much they have.
  5. The unreasonable fear most of the populous has of magic.

Q: For this question, DO NOT CONSULT THE OTHER PLAYERS. If you have plans to have a backstory with a player, pick a different player for this question. Pick one of the players and explain how you vaguely know their character. Don't worry, it's possible they don't know or don't remember.

Q: What's the nicest gift you've ever been given? Why? Do you still have it?

Q: Who does your character look up to?

Q: What is your name?